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source : National Diet Library

Suiko juni-hin no zu 水虎十二品之図
Illustrated Guide to 12 Types of Kappa

The letter K can be pronouced G in some regions or combinations:
kappa - gappa / kawa - gawa - river / kame - game - turtle / ko - go - child


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The name is a combination of the word kawa (river) and wappo, an inflection of warabe (child).
A hairy kappa is called a Hyōsube (ひょうすべ).
There are more than eighty other names associated with the kappa in different regions...
... The kappa is typically depicted as roughly humanoid in form and about the size of a child. Its scaly reptilian skin ranges in color from green to yellow or blue.
... webbed hands and feet to live in the water ...
... Although their appearance varies from region to region, the most consistent features are a carapace, a beak for a mouth, and a plate (sara), a flat hairless region on the top of the head that is always wet, and is regarded as the source of the kappa's power. This cavity must be full whenever a kappa is away from the water; if it ever dries out, the kappa loses its power and may even die.
Another notable feature in some stories is that the arms are said to be connected to each other through the torso and can slide from one side to the other.
While they are primarily water creatures, they do on occasion venture on to land. When they do, the plate can be covered with a metal cap for protection. In fact, in some versions of the legends, kappa spend spring and summer in the water, and the rest of the year in the mountains as Yama-no-Kami (山の神, “mountain deities”).
Although they are reported to live throughout Japan, they are often said to be particular to Saga Prefecture.
... Kappa are usually seen as mischievous troublemakers or trickster figures. Their pranks range from the relatively innocent, such as loudly passing gas or looking up women's kimonos, to the malevolent, such as drowning people and animals, kidnapping children, and raping women.

- Politeness -
It was believed that, if one was confronted with a kappa, there were a few means of escape. Kappa are obsessed with politeness, so if a person makes a deep bow, it return the gesture, the water in the plate on its head spills out and it is rendered unable to leave the bowing position until the plate is refilled with water from the river in which it lives. If a person refills it, the kappa will serve that person for all eternity.

... Kappa are not entirely antagonistic to human beings. They are curious about human civilization, and they can understand and speak Japanese. They may even befriend human beings in exchange for gifts or offerings of nasu (茄子, Japanese eggplant), soba (そば or 蕎麦, buckwheat noodles), nattō (なっとう or 納豆, fermented soybeans), or kabocha (カボチャ, 南瓜, winter squash), but especially cucumbers, the only food kappa are known to enjoy more than human children.
Japanese parents sometimes write the names of their children, or their own names, on cucumbers and toss them into waters believed to be infested with kappa in order to mollify the creatures and allow the family to bathe.
In some regions, it was customary to eat cucumbers before swimming as protection, but in others it was believed that this act would guarantee an attack.
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. Aragoroo Daimyoojin 荒五郎大明神 Aragoro Daimyojin .
- - - - - in Tanushimaru, Fukuoka

. Arakapu アラカブ - Kyushu .

. Coo - 河童のクゥと夏休み Kappa no Kū - .

dangame ダンガメ soft shelled turtle

. Ekoppa kun エコッパくん eco Kappa .

. enkoo, enkō 猿猴 Enko monkey and Kawazaru 川猿 "river monkey".
- - - - - engozaru エンゴザル

. fuchi no nushi 淵の主 "master of the river pool" .

fukugo, fuku-go, fuku no ko  福子 "lucky child"。"fortune child"

. Fukutaroo, Fukutarō 福太郎 Fukutaro, The Lucky Kappa .

. Gajiroo, Gajirou ガジロウ Gajiro . - Hyogo, Fukusaki Town 福崎町
- and Fuku chan and Saki chan フクちゃん - サキちゃん

game (kame) がめ turtle

gangi kozoo ガンギコゾウ with body hair and saw-like teeth

gappa ガッパ Godzilla as a kappa, called Gappa
- - - source : Nishida Shatner - origami Gappa
- - - - - . Gaappa ガーッパ The Kappa of Nagasaki 長崎県 - Legends .
gaappadoko ガーッパドコ drowning pool of a kappa

. Garakapu ガラカブ - Kyushu .

. Garappa ガラッパ Garappa Don ガラッパドン of Kyushu .
from 八代地方 Yachidai, Kumamoto, Kyushu
- Garappa Don ガラッパドン - Toda Kannon 戸田観音 - 佐賀 Saga. Kyushu

. gataroo, gatarō (kawataro) がたろう , Gataro san ガタロさん .

. Gawairo ガワイロ Yokai from Gifu .

. Gawappa, kawappa - river child .
- same as Garappa

. Gawatara Kappa ガワタラ,河太郎 Kawataro. - from Fukui

guwappa ぐわっぱ (gawappa, kawa no kappa)

. goora ゴーラ Gora Kappa . - Wakayama

hanzaki はんざき "torn or cut in half" / hanzaki daimyoojin ハンザキ大明神
(referring to the tail that might come off in danger, but the animal is not killed by this)
オオサンショウウオ/大山椒魚 Japanese giant salamander (Andrias japonicus)
. Salamanders of Japan . * 

. honkoo ホンコウ Honko and Kawazaru 川猿 "river monkey".

. Hookura sama 「ホウクラ様」 Hokura sama .
- at 方倉(宝倉)神社 Hokura Jinja / Itsuki Island 生月島, Hirado, Kyushu

. hyoosube, hyōsube ひょうすべ / 兵主部 Hyosube .

. Hyoosunbo ひょうすんぼ Hyosunbo . - Miyazaki

. - hyoozu no kami, Hyōzu 兵主神 Hyozu no Kami, Kappa
- Deity of Wind and Weapons - .

. . . . . hyoosubo ヒョウスボ / 兵主坊 / 兵主部 Hyōsube the Yokai Monster

. Kaaranbe カアランベ  (river child) from Aichi 愛知県 .

. Kaatan カッパのカータン / and President Carter (Kaataa) カーター大統領 .

. Kaatan 仔河童の「かぁたん」 - Manga character .

. kahaku, kawa no kami, kawako 河伯 River Deity, 川の神 "river chief" .
and hitobashira 人柱 human sacrifice, "human pillar"

. Kankara Koboshi, Kankarakoboshi かんからこぼし from Mie .

. Kapa 河童のカパ Kappa named Kapa .

. Kappa 勝破 "to win against misfortune .

. Kappa Daimyoojin 河童大明神 Kappa Daimyojin, Great Kappa Deity .   
Kappa Myoojin カッパ明神 Kappa Myojin

. Kappei かっぺい .

. Kappii かっぴー / カッピー .
. . . . . Iroha Kappii いろはカッピー / Kappii kun ikka カッピーくん一家 Kappikun Family

Karin-chan and his pink wife Kururin-chan - カリンちゃん and くるりんちゃん
town mascot of . Tono 遠野 - Iwate 岩手 .   
. Karikoboo カリコボウ / かりこ坊 Karikobo, Karkio Bo .

. kawa boozu 川坊主 Kawa Bozu . - Aichi

. kawako 川子 / 河子 "river-child" . - Shimane

. kawako, kahaku 河伯 "earl Kappa", river earl, river chief . - Matsue

. kawa kozoo 川小僧 "young man (monk) from the river" . - Aichi

. kawa n hito, kawanhito カワンヒト "person from the river" .

kawaranbe 河ランベ

kawaso, kawauso, kawa-uso otter

kawataroo, kawatarō 河太郎 Kawataro
. Kawataro from Oga 淡河 (Oogo、Ogo) , Hyogo .

. Kawazaru 川猿 "river monkey"and enkō 猿猴 Enko / saru 猿 monkey

. Kenji the Kappa .

komahiki, komabiki  駒引き "horse puller"

koogoo, kōgo

. Koora Booshi 甲羅法師 Kora Boshi. .
from Shirahama, Wakayama 和歌山県白浜町

. Kuruppa くるっぱ . - from Kurume town, Kyushu

. Kyuuchan キューちゃん Kyu-Chan . - Ushiku 牛久 Ibaraki - "the Cucubmer Boy"

. 九千坊河童 Kyusenbo kappa - Kusenbo Kappa . from Kyushu (Kuzenbo)

. Medochi メドチ, めどち Kappa and the Mizuchi 蛟 water monster .
Aomori, Ehime - medochi めどち / メドチ // Fukui, Ishikawa - mizushi みずし
Hokkaido - mintsuchi みんつち
ーーー Ainu - mintsuchi みんつち / ミントゥチ(mintuci)ミントゥチカムイ(mintuci kamuy)

. Midoppa and Akappa ミドッパとアカッパ Green Kappa and Red Kappa .

. Oozma Kappa - Disney Monsters University - .

. - Otter 獺魚 kawauso as kappa - .  

. Sanpei, Kappa no Sanpei 河童の三平 / カッパの三平 Sanpei, the Kappa .
- by . Mizuki Shigeru 水木 しげる Shigeru Mizuki .

senoo kappa 妹尾河童

. Shibaten しばてん / 芝天 otter and Kappa from Tosa Kochi - Shikoku .

. Shichiroo Kappa 七郎河童 Shichiro Kappa .
- Tetsugi Jinja 手接神社, Ibaraki

. - Shikoku 四国 - Kappa Mascots - .
エンコ Enko from Tokushima monster village
かんちゃん Kanchan
まつちカッパ Matsuchi Kappa
オクラかっぱ Okura Kappa
しんちゃん / ころちゃん Shinchan and Kokorochan
トッシー Tosshi
わじきカッパ君 Wajiki Kappa kun

shookichi Kappa 正吉河童 from Bungo, Oita
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suijin 水神 "water deity"
- - - Suitenguu 水天宮 Suitengu
. - Suijin 水神 Kappa water deity - .  

. - Suiko 水虎 Water Tiger, Water Beast - .
- Suiko sama 水虎様 - 青森 Aomori
- Shikko sama しっこ様 in the local dialect of Tsugaru

town mascot of . Unagappa うながっぱ .  - Tajimi 多治見 - Gifu 岐阜 

. wings of Kappa - 羽の生えた河童 .

. Yamawaro やまわろ / ヤマワロ / 山童 "Child of the Mountain" .
- the alter ego of the "Child of the River" 河童

. yunkosan ユンコサン Yunko san and Kawazaru 川猿 "river monkey".

. Zenji Kappa 禅師河童 Kappa the Zen Teacher .


. - benevolent Kappa 慈善河童 jizen no Kappa -
helping people, teaching people .

The three most famous Kappa regions of Japan 日本三大河童地帯

. - Tanushimaru 田主丸 in Fukuoka 福岡 - .  

. - Ushiku 牛久 in Ibaraki 茨城 -.  

. Tono 遠野 in Iwate 岩手 .  

. - The three most famous Kappa Regions of Japan - Japanese .

. - mummy - miira 河童のミイラ mummy of a Kappa, Mumie - .


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. (1) - sara 皿 plate with water on the Kappa's head - .

. (11) koomon 肛門 komon, anus .
A kappa is said to have three komon 肛門 anus, or simply put three holes.

. changing body size of a Kappa 身長 .

. footprints of Kappa - Tono Monogatari .

from a suiko and turtle スイコ×カメの系統

from a suiko and monkey スイコ×サルの系統


- - - - - 河童の呼称 - Names of Kappa - tba

名前の系統 それぞれの呼び名
ガーッパ系 カッパ、ガッパ、ガラッパドンなど
川太郎系 カワタロウ、ガタロウ、ガータロ、ガワンタロなど
川原坊主系 カワラコゾウ、カワラボウズ、カワソウなど
川の殿の系 カワノトノ、カワントン、カワノヌシなど
その他 メドチ、ガメ、ヒョウスンポ、コマヒキなど

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. Regional Kappa mascots and characters .
Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu

. Mingei 民芸 Regional Folk Art from Japan .

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